Donate an Item

ATTENTION!!! Due to preparation for an upcoming renovation, our response time is slow. Please expect 2-4 weeks for a response.

The museum continues to collect artifacts and archival material related to the War in the Pacific. If you would like to donate to the museum’s collection, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page with as much detail as possible. Photos of the artifact or collection will help the review process. An appointment is required for any donation offer made in person. NMPW does not accept unsolicited donations by mail or walk-in.

Artifacts we are no longer accepting:

Uniforms, medals, models, reunion materials, post-war, Japanese swords, WWII European Theater-related artifacts, footlockers, photos without documentation.

Exceptions and Considerations:

Objects accompanied by an exceptional story of the person who obtained, owned, or used the object will have a higher chance of acceptance into the collection. All objects offered for donation are reviewed by the National Museum of the Pacific War’s Collections Committee. The National Museum of the Pacific War does not guarantee a donation will ever be exhibited. However, your generous donation will be available to staff, researchers, educators, and students for study or projects.

Donate an Item

Please include a complete inventory and as many specifics or personal stories related to the artifact(s) or archives
ex: Navy, Army, Marines, etc
ex: USS Yorktown, 2nd Marine Division, etc
ex. Yeoman, machinist, bombardier, ect.
ex: Philippines, Guam, Peleliu, etc