Media FAQs

Am I allowed to take photos/film at the Museum?

Visitors may take still photographs or record videos on our premises and within our galleries for their personal use only.

I’m with the media, do I need permission to use photos/film?

All persons wishing to photograph or film on NMPW grounds or within our buildings for other than personal use must seek prior permission from the Marketing Department.

I’m a member of the press. How can I interview a spokesperson in the museum?

To request an interview with a spokesperson from the Museum, please contact the Marketing team.

If I’m filming for commercial use, do I need a permit?

THC /NMPW requires a site permit for any filming or photography for any commercial use including social media, print, public presentations of any nature, or any other use that is not strictly for the personal enjoyment of the individual.

Does NMPW offer tickets to members of the media?

To request tickets to visit the Museum, please contact a member of the Marketing team to discuss the reason for your visit at least a week in advance of the date for which you’d like your tickets. We cannot guarantee tickets for same-day requests.