Society of Sons and Daughters

Sixteen million men and women served in the Armed Forces of the United States in World War II (WWII), at home, at sea, and on battlefields from North Africa, to Europe, over to East Asia, across the islands of the Pacific, and down to Australia. They were ordinary Americans who went on to do extraordinary things in the name of freedom. It is our responsibility as descendants to ensure their legacies carry on, and we welcome you to join us and help tell their stories.

The Society of Sons and Daughters of WWII Veterans is a genealogy program dedicated to preserving the memory and stories of America's "Greatest Generation."

There are several different levels of membership:

  • Lineal Membership: For individuals demonstrating lineal descent through birth or adoption from a qualifying WWII veteran.
  • Collateral Membership: For individuals demonstrating a collateral family relationship with a qualifying WWII veteran.
  • Memorial Membership: For individuals presenting a qualifying veteran for inclusion in the Sons & Daughters of WWII Veterans records as a friend, with no claim of family relationship.