Student Opportunities

The National Museum of the Pacific War is committed to enhancing student opportunities through internships, student travel and special scholarship programs. Please check back regularly for updates and new opportunities or reach out to us at


If you are interested in a museum career, consider an internship to learn from some of the best in the field! The National Museum of the Pacific War's internship program offers hands-on experience in museum education, archives, and collections!

Summer, winter, and virtual positions are available for undergraduate and graduate students! For more information, check out the available internships below!

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Summer Ambassador Program

Summer Ambassador Program has closed for 2022!

The Summer Ambassador Program at the National Museum of the Pacific War (NMPW) offers an immersive introduction into the museum world. As an ambassador, you will explore museum careers, gain hands-on experience, and participate in behind-the-scenes opportunities. While at the NMPW, you will also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge about World War II in the Asian-Pacific Theater and the Home Front.

Student Travel

The National Museum of the Pacific War's student travel program allows high school students to explore other cultures and museums around the world with the support of trained professional museum staff.

Applications to Japan have closed for 2023.