We take pride in knowing we were voted among the Top 5 Best History Museums in 2020 while being honored with accreditation through the American Association of Museums, an accomplishment only 3% of U.S. museums can claim. Your donation helps ensure we can sustain our goal of educating current and future generations through museum visitation or by experiencing these lessons through virtual programming and educational content. We appreciate you and your generosity knowing you make an impact.

Latest Donation Impact

Your generosity has enabled countless additions and improvements to the 55,000 sq. ft., 6-acre museum complex. Visitors can walk through the Admiral Nimitz Gallery and immerse themselves in the life and legacy of Chester Nimitz. They will soon be able to experience the ballroom as it looked in the 1940s when a victorious Admiral Nimitz visited his hometown in celebration. Live Re-Enactments at the state-of-the-art Pacific Combat Zone place the visitor close to battle in the Pacific and bring to life the Museum's exhibits. Young visitors will soon experience the new Children’s Exhibit in the Bush Gallery and learn how America used language, math, and science in the Pacific War. These young visitors will also learn about heroes from diverse backgrounds and communities, such as Carl Gorman, one of the original Navajo Code Talkers, or Doris Miller, an African American Sailor from Texas who earned the Navy Cross for his actions at Pearl Harbor. Educational programming available via our website and through virtual community events and Distance Learning programs with schools are just a few examples of how we are transforming how we deliver value to the community. All of this is possible because of tremendous generosity. Every donated dollar helps provide these programs and projects, and sustains us despite the challenges associated with the on-going pandemic.

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My dad served in the Pacific during WWII, and I think it’s important that we continue to educate people about how significant WWII was to all of our lives – not just the families of those who served. This is a world-class museum that does just that, and I am glad to support it.

Jim Mikula
Member and Donor

A Letter from Our President & CEO | Mike Hagee

Dear Friends and Supporters,

First, let me thank you again for your past support – as patrons, volunteers, donors, and in-kind sponsors. Given the challenges faced over the past 8 months, I can think of no previous period when personal giving was as vital as it is this year. As 2020 winds down, I ask that you consider giving to the National Museum of the Pacific War in support of our plan to deliver on our mission in 2021, despite the similar pandemic conditions that are expected.

I am immensely proud of the way our Museum and Foundation staff responded this year. After our temporary closure, we re-opened in May with timed admissions, which have resulted in Museum admissions being down by about 38% this year. Many museums are facing similar hardships, and the American Alliance of Museum has estimated that 25%-33% of all US Museums will permanently close before the pandemic ends. We will not be one of these, thanks to your support, an active and capable board, and a strong financial position. This solid base has resulted in exciting accomplishments, such as:

· Completing 22 digital programs to over 35,000 virtual viewers

· Reaching over 1,800 students in schools across the state

· Completing over 80 Distance Learning events, reaching over 4,000 students

· Conducting 7 WWII Webinars and a Virtual Symposium commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the War in the Pacific

As we look forward, we will continue to expand our educational outreach efforts. In addition to more digital programming and events, we will renovate the George H.W. Bush Gallery, which will include a Children’s Gallery that will increase our appeal to young families. Other compelling initiatives include the renovation of the Nimitz Ballroom to its 1945-era appearance, just as Admiral Nimitz experienced in his post-WWII visit to Fredericksburg. We will also bring more digital assets to our campus that are aimed at educating and entertaining younger audiences. As you can see, this is more than just a gift - it is an investment in projects that you can be proud to support.

We are dedicated to educating and inspiring present and future generations with lessons of WWII and their continued global relevance. We understand everyone is facing challenges today, but we are grateful for any support you can give for this End-Of-Year appeal.

You can mail your donation by using the enclosed response form, or you can donate online at to support your Museum.

Thank you for your support and Stay Safe.


Mike Hagee

General, USMC (Ret)

President and CEO | The Admiral Nimitz Foundation

Planned Giving