African Americans in WWII

Margaret Dudley

African Americans of WWII Videos


  • Valor and Courage of African Americans in WWII (full video)
  • Charity Adams (segment)
  • Doris Miller (segment)



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Valor and Courage of African Americans in WWII

This video provides an overview of the contributions made by African Americans throughout American history, including during armed conflicts prior to WWII. It explores individuals and units of African Americans who displayed incredible courage and determination during World War Two, and the political steps taken to alleviate segregation and racial discrimination in the military.

Lt. Col. Charity Adams

This video describes the background and actions of Lt. Col. Charity Adams, a black female WAACS officer during WWII. Her hard work and efficiency not only supported the war effort but helped to prove the ability of women and African Americans to “get the job done” against all odds and expectations.

Mess Attendant Doris Miller

This video gives an overview of the heroic actions of Mess Attendant Doris Miller, Pearl Harbor hero and African American sailor. It describes his struggle with racial discrimination in a time of economic hardship as well as during his service in the US Navy. His role in the defense of Pearl Harbor in 1941 eventually earned him recognition as one of America’s first WWII heroes, and his legacy lives on to this day.

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