Educational Outreach Opportunities

The National Museum of the Pacific War offers many exciting in-person and virtual outreach opportunities for educators to explore!

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Classroom Outreach

Can't make it to Fredericksburg? That is not a problem! The National Museum of the Pacific War provides a variety of educational outreach opportunities that are free of charge. These programs can bring an exciting field trip directly into your classroom or campus. Students will view World War II artifacts, hear stories, and learn about important people and events. Each program is aligned to the TEKS and designed for grades 1-12.

Virtual Outreach

Find out why the National Museum of the Pacific War is a teacher's best friend with one of our "distance learning" programs! Through virtual learning, we can bring history to life in your classroom. Our lessons incorporate multiple scenes comprised of pre-produced videos, live museum tours, presentations, and more. We pay special attention to the length and transition of scenes, lesson pacing, varying learning styles, and attention spans to ensure students have an educational and engaging experience.

Programs include:

  • Operation Overview: WWII History in Review
  • Freedom Week Celebration: The U.S. Constitution and Citizenship
  • Forgotten No More: African American Service Men and Women of WWII
  • Women's History Month: Women Warriors of WWII
  • Hispanic Heroes and Heroines of WWII
  • Admiral Nimitz: A Lesson in Leadership and Good Citizenship
  • America Goes to War: Industrial Production Key to Victory
  • Texas and Texans During WWII
  • President's Day (New in 2024)
  • Veteran's Day
  • Remembering Pearl Harbor

For more information and to register, visit the museum's catalog at Connect2Texas HERE

Professional Development

The National Museum of the Pacific War is eager to collaborate with educators and support their professional development! Our education team offers in-person and virtual opportunities to present the museum's many resources at your school's professional development workshops.

For more information, contact the Museum Outreach Coordinator Bryan Degner at

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