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Jul 29


Becoming the Newsman

 “I was 15 years old when I heard of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My family lived in Amarillo, Texas. It was a Sunday afternoon, we had been to church that morning and had gotten back home and some of us kids were out on a vacant lot playing football about one o’clock when someone come out of the house hollering ‘The Japs have bombed Pearl Harbor!’”

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Jun 21


The CINCPAC Special

There is perhaps no better way to toast the brave men and women who served in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II than with a CINCPAC Special. This potent cocktail was invented by Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz during his time at CINCPAC Fleet Headquarters (Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet Headquarters) in Hawaii.

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Jun 06


From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

“Jesus, what the hell did we get into here?” is what Earl W. Stevens questioned upon seeing the devastation of Pearl Harbor for the first time. Stevens described his time in the military in an interview with the National Museum of the Pacific War on September 28, 2001.

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May 24


The Bushmaster

George S. Mixell knew that he was born on June 13, 1921 but not much else.
He explained such to the National Museum of the Pacific War on December 21, 2010.

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Apr 22


Who Was In The Room Where It Happened: Unmasking the WWII Radio Messenger of “The World Wonders”

“You are a superhero of the archives. Did you wear a cape and a mask when you did this?” That was the message of astonishment that I received from Richard Frank after providing the historian with my findings.

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