Museum Lesson Plans

Education is key to the Museum's mission, so we are proud to offer a library of lesson plans that are linked to specific Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social Studies (TEKS). The links to the appropriate grade levels cross-reference the supported TEKS by grade and lesson plan.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan

Stained-Glass Porthole Window Craft

This is a fun tissue paper craft that corresponds with a stained-glass art piece we have in the historic Nimitz Ballroom. Students will learn how to create their own porthole and learn about the story behind the piece in the Museum.

The Home Front

The student will describe the effects of World War II on the Home Front, including rationing, female and minority employment, and the end of the Great Depression.

Texas History

The student will describe the lifestyle of the early German settlers of Fredericksburg, specifically the Nimitz family. The student will describe the impact both of World War II on Texas and Texas' impact on World War II.

The Japanese Empire and Culture

Analyze examples of major empires, summarize effects of imperialism on selected societies, identify examples of art and architecture that demonstrate artistic ideal or visual principle from selected cultures and/or describe an example of a government policy that has affected a particular racial, ethnic or religious group.

Japan Chooses War

The students understand the reasons Japan decided to go to war with the United States in 1941.

Geography of the Pacific War

The student understands how geographic factors influence policies of societies and the impact of interactions between people and the physical environment.

Ethnic Groups in World War II

The student understands important issues, events and individuals of the 20th Century and can summarize the contributions of people of various racial and ethnic groups in the development of Texas and the United States.

Advancing Across the Pacific-HS

The student will understand the geography of the Pacific Ocean as it relates to World War II and understand the strategy employed by the United States in crossing the Pacific to defeat Japan.

Advancing Across the Pacific-ES/MS

The student will understand the concept of the island hopping strategy used by the United States during the war against Japan to include the routes used in the advance across the Pacific and the locations of some of the major islands captured.

What Makes One Battle More Famous Than Another?

The student will understand some of the criteria which make battles famous and apply them to battles fought in the Pacific during World War II.

2021 Symposium Teacher Guide

This is a lesson plan to go along with the 2021 Symposium.