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Spring Break Fun: Museum Scavenger Hunt

March 12, starting at 9am
Free Admission

Museum Admission required to participate.

Museum visitors of all ages can join our Scavenger Hunts - and collect a prize for completing the hunt!

With five versions that are age/grade-appropriate, everyone can take part in the fun of locaitng designated items in the Museum during their visit. The five Savenger Hunt versions are:

Kindergarten/First Grade, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 and Adult

Upon completion of the Scavenger Hunt, participants can collect their prize at the Museum Store in the George H.W. Bush Gallery.

To participate, go to the lobby of the George H.W. Bush Gallery at 311 E Austin St. and look for the table display with instructions and QR code to access the Scavenger Hunt on your phone. Then, just follow the directions!

The Museum Scavenger Hunt will be available every day from March 8 - March 21st.