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Midway: After the Battle Webinar

June 30, starting at 1pm - June 30, ending at 2pm
$Free Admission

Take a deep dive into the Battle of Midway where you will see new artifacts never shown to the public before and learn insightful details about Admiral Nimitz's command during the battle. 80 years later renowned Pacific War expert and author, Craig Symonds and Director of Archives and Library at the National Museum of the Pacific Chris McDougal team up to present this webinar.

A month after striking in the Coral Sea, the Japanese launched an all-out assault against Midway Island in what was obviously intended as the first step of a grand attack upon Hawaii and the continental United States. The Navy was ready, and the heroic pilots from naval aircraft carriers inflicted a major sea defeat upon two great converging forces northwest of Midway. The enemy lost four aircraft carriers, at least two heavy cruisers, and a number of light cruisers, destroyers, and transport - all by aerial attack.

This is a free 30-minute program on Thursday, June 30 at 1:00 pm CDT. Registration is required.

In the pictured oil painting above artist, Robert Benny depicts a withering attack upon a Japanese cruiser by Navy dive-bombers with a fighter escort.

Courtesy of Naval History and Heritage Command

Description: Painting, Oil on Canvas; by Robert Benny; 1943; Framed Dimensions 37H X 45W

Accession #: 88-159-AL