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A world-class military museum complex from humble beginnings on Fredericksburg’s Main Street since 1971.

About The Museum

The National Museum of the Pacific War honors the millions of Americans who met and defeated the greatest threat of the 20th Century to freedom and democracy; it is the most comprehensive and engaging museum dedicated to the Pacific War in existence. Spread across more than six acres, the complex has more than 50,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space including modern, interactive exhibits, state‐of‐the‐art media and an extraordinary array of unique artifacts, in addition to the outdoor exhibits that line the campus.

Black and white photo of commissioners with Museum staff member (seated on left) Peggy Merz and Museum Director Douglass Hubbard (seated second from left) in 1972.

Commissioners with Museum staff member (seated on left) Peggy Merz and Museum Director Douglass Hubbard (seated second from left) in 1972. Sitting on Hubbard’s left are Commission Chairman Forbes Mann and Commissioner Dr. Vern B. Spiva. Commissioners standing left to right: W.B. Wetsel, Tom Foster, Alfred Petsch, Dallas Jordan, Walter Corrigan and Marvin Watson.

The National Museum of the Pacific War is a Texas Historical Commission Property managed by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation.

The Vision

By 2025 the Museum will become a recognized international center for scholarship and research on the Asiatic-Pacific Theater during World War II, with international partnerships, internships, and scholarships to further the study and interpretation of that still-relevant era. The Museum will acquire new audiences and provide virtual access to expanded educational programs, exhibits, and collections.

The Mission

We connect people to the experiences and stories of those affected by World War II in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater by interpreting its enduring relevance.

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