"They fought together as brothers in arms; they died together and now they sleep side by side. To them, we have a solemn obligation - the obligation to ensure that their sacrifice will help make this a better and safer world in which to live."
- Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

Wall Plaques

More than 2,500 plaques are mounted on the 100-year-old limestone walls of the Memorial Courtyard, an impressive and poignant tribute. You, your family or organization may honor an Individual, ship or unit from any United States and Allied branch of service that served in the Pacific during WWII.

These permanent plaques are solid metal, photochemically etched and anodized with a dark bronze background and silver text and detail. Photos and line drawings reproduce well and are featured on many plaques. We will be happy to help you with the wording and layout of your memorial.

CONTACT Director of Memorials, (830) 997-8600 Ext. 215


5 x 7 IN.


7 x 10 IN.


20 x 20 IN.


Memorial Bricks

For a donation of $200, your name, or that of someone you wish to honor or remember, will be engraved on a brick in our Walk of Honor, which winds along the Memorial Wall in the Museum's tranquil Memorial Courtyard.

Bricks enable you to honor a veteran, a military unit, ship, or anyone who has a special and positive impact on your life. Your gift will help the National Museum of the Pacific War preserve the legacy and stories of the “ Greatest Generation.

For each $200 gift, you will receive a certificate in the mail confirming that a brick was placed in honor of your individual and the location of the brick, so you can enjoy viewing the brick any time you are in Fredericksburg.

Adopt a Bench or a Tree

Every year one can see thousands of visitors walking through our courtyards and taking in the peaceful serenity of the area.  This is your opportunity to have the public learn about someone(s) special, either when they rest on one of our benches or take in the shade of a tree.  And not only do we have benches outside, but we also have some throughout the George Bush Gallery which have yet to be sponsored.

Your donation of $1,500 enables a plaque to be attached to an existing bench or trees to be distinguished with an engraved limestone marker.  

CONTACT Director of Memorials, (830) 997-8600 Ext. 215


A genealogical society for descendants, relatives and friends of
World War II veterans. Join for family, friends and esprit de corps.

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About sons & Daughters 

We created the Society of Sons & Daughters of World War II Veterans to preserve the stories of America’s “greatest generation,” who fought and won WWII and to enable their descendants to establish family ancestry from an American veteran of World War II.

Membership Details

  • Society membership is open to relatives by birth, adoption or marriage to anyone who served in the United States military in World War II.
  • Membership is also available for unrelated friends of a qualifying veteran.
  • Memberships require the veteran’s proof of service between December 7, 1941 and December 31, 1946.
  • Members will receive a numbered and dated certificate bearing your name and the name of your World War II veteran ancestor.

Membership Fee

one-time fee


discounted rate*


Become a Charter Member: Receive this extra designation by a donation of at least $100 to the Society's Charter Fund

Available only during our Founding Decade, 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2020.

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*Individuals related to a Primary Applicant (defined as and limited to: brothers, sisters, and lineal descendants such as