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What was it like to fight in the sky near the Home Islands of Japan during 1945? Today, we are providing you with an opportunity to discover the answer from William E. (Bill) Brown, who was a member of the 45th Fighter Squadron during the war. Mr. Brown was a P-51 fighter pilot, and during 1945 he helped protect flights of B-29 bombers as they approached and left their targets in Japan. These attacks were aimed at destroying Japanese industrial factories to help bring an end to the war. This Friday, July 10, marks the point at which these attacks reached their greatest intensity. One thousand B-29s were sent to bomb targets in Japan on that day and many that followed. Despite the devastation that these bombing missions created, an invasion of Japan remained a certainty by the end of the month. Please have a listen to Mr. Brown, recorded at the National Museum of the Pacific War, as he describes what aerial combat over Japan was like during those desperate times: https://digitalarchive.pacificwarmuseum.org/digital/collection/p16769coll1/id/1247/rec/1