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The National Museum of the Pacific War invites your family to view our newest installment of children's content at the museum. Nimitz Minitz is a video series that releases weekly. This episode features our Education Outreach Coordinator Bryan Degner with guests Fred Marron, a frequent volunteer and youth volunteer Noah. Liberty Lingo explores how language changes over time and ways in which the US armed forces have contributed many acronyms, sayings and redefinition of words in the history of American English. During WWII, many new terms were invented, and they became mainstream - used by everyone, not just the military. Viewers will learn about the origin of some of those terms such as SNAFU, FUBAR and "bought the farm." In addition to WWII language, they explore some modern sayings witih Noah's help. 

Click here to watch Liberty Lingo and other Nimitz Minitz.