Oral History Spotlight: Tomokazu Kasai

Ruth Ann Hattori

What was it like to be in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan when the second atomic bomb exploded? Yesterday marked the 75th anniversary of that event and today’s Oral History Spotlight provides a unique opportunity to find an answer to that question. The focus of this interview, recorded in September, 2007 at the NMPW’s annual symposium, is Tomokazu Kasai. Mr. Kasai was a fighter pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy and he was credited with 10 victories while taking part in aerial combat near Guam, Pelelui and the Philippines. On August 9, 1945 Kasai was assigned to the 343rd Naval Air Group at Ōmura Air Base, located about twelve miles from Nagasaki. To learn more about his recollection of that day and what unfolded afterwards, please have a listen to our recording.

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