Preserving Donated FRUPAC Maps

Charity Roberts

Have you ever wondered how the Navy tracked fleet movements in World War II? The U.S. Navy's Fleet Radio Unit in the Pacific (FRUPAC) communicated daily the fleet activities of the Japanese by radio and documented their positions, along with ours, on maps/charts. These intelligence tools helped to shape Admiral Nimitz's tactics as he led the U.S. to victory.

Chris McDougal, storing the FRUPAC artifacts in the archive at the National Museum of the Pacific War

Over 1,200 of these unique maps were donated to the National Museum of the Pacific War by the Naval Crypological Veteran's Association. The Admiral Nimitz Foundation recently raised significant funds to restore and preserve these delicate maps which were made on onion-skin-type paper.


01/18/2023 Update: This is the set of maps Kofile is working on


Ruth Ann Hattori, Marketing Director at the National Museum of the Pacific War