Distance Learning Program Earns New Award

Charity Roberts

As kids across the country fill their classrooms again, teachers welcome the enriching possibilities of distance learning programs. Over 1,600 students participated in our Veteran's Day distance learning program, Honoring All Who Served, last November. Designed and presented by Education Outreach Coordinator, Bryan Degner, the program won the Best Spotlight Session and Student Outreach Award from Connect2Texas, an education network.

Our success with distance learning led the Texas Historical Commission to ask Degner, along with Education and Museum Programs Director, Kyna Stys, to recently deliver a webinar on the topic to over 400 museum educators and professionals. The feedback has been incredible including notes that this was one of the best professional development webinars many have attended.

Going the Distance: Delivering Accessible Programming Through Distance Learning shares how our museum built our distance learning program. In this free webinar, they dove into the lesson plans, technology, collaborations, and platforms they have utilized to make their program successful. They shared the challenges they faced, how they overcame them, and the benefit this program has had on the museum. Additionally, they provided insight into how incorporating pre-produced videos, green screens, and props have changed the game. You can watch a recording of this webinar >> HERE<<


Ruth Ann Hattori, Marketing Director