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Feel what it was like to walk the wooden dock alongside a PT Boat, stand in the hangar deck of an aircraft carrier as a torpedo bomber is readied for a strike, and view Japanese battlefield entrenchments.

Pacific Combat Zone

The Pacific Combat Zone is a unique two-acre indoor/outdoor exhibit and one of the Museum’s most popular venues. After an $8 million renovation to the complex visitors can experience WWII in the Pacific that can't be seen anywhere else? Get up close to some of the machines that helped the United States win the war, and see others as they would have been seen on an island in the Pacific. 

The big change to the new Pacific Combat Zone is that the exhibits are no longer only accessible by Guided Tour. Guest can come and spend as long as they would like exploring the exhibits.


With the renovation comes a new and expanded battlefield for our popular WWII living history program. Learn more about the hottest show in Fredericksburg here




The new retail/ticket center allows you to purchase a museum ticket good for all three of our exhibits if you don't have one already. You can also pick up your last minute souvenirs to remember your trip. 



Upon entering the Pacific Combat Zone you will see our to scale map of the Pacific Theater. Take time to walk the map and get an understanding of just how large this theater of WWII was. 



Entering our PT 309 Boat exhibit you will be stepping onto the deck of a PT Boat Tender as a PT Boat is being equipped for a mission. This exhibit includes video displays covering PT Boat mission, an oral history kiosk, and the history of PT 309 "Oh Frankie" the boat on display. 



Our TBM exhibit will take you below deck of an aircraft carrier where you will see up close a TBM Avenger getting ready for a mission. Take time test your skills on our tabletop games stationed in front of the plane. Launch torpedoes at enemy ships, defend your ship from enemy attack by manning an anti-aircraft gun, and land your pilot safely on the deck by waiving him in on his approach. This exhibit also includes video displays, information panels about flight missions, and artifacts. 

Experience the human story of WWII in the Pacific Theater told through 55,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, over 900 artifacts, and audio/visual displays.

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