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Drawn to War: Propaganda Art in WWII

Drawn to War: Propaganda Art in WWII

May 26th, 2017 09:00am-August 14th, 2017 17:00pm


This wide ranging and colorful exhibit features artifacts from the Gregg and Michelle Philipson Collection and Archive.  Both of the Philipsons lost many family members in the Holocaust, and they wanted to keep the memories alive of those who perished  by assembling a prolific collection of examples of the propaganda used during the war.  They also feel it is important to share these artifacts with the public through exhibitions around the U.S. 




Pictured above our two original Walt Disney Comics. These are two of many Walt Disney pieces on display in the exhibit. Among the items displayed are anti-Fascist political cartoons by Theodor Seuss Geisel, AKA Dr. Seuss, who is known for his popular children's books.  Less well known is that he worked as an illustrator for the U.S. War Department.  Other pieces of propaganda in the exhibit  are by Arthur Szyk, who became one of the 20th century's most important political propagandists.  He is known for his anti-Nazi and Axis cartoons.



In an interview with the Austin Statesman newspaper, Gregg Philipson said that he had been a collector since he was a kid.  With regard to this collection, he said "when I collect propaganda art, I put the pedal to the metal.  The Nazis, Japanese, and Axis, as well as the Allies, were very effective at messaging.  It's incredible how artwork was used to convey those messages." 


This exhibit will be available in the Temporary Gallery until 14 August 2017.  It will be part of Fredericksburg's First Friday Art Walk on 7 July, and Gregg Philipson  will be on hand that evening to answer questions.  The exhibit is free to the public.  

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