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Museum launches ‘Real-time’ Twitter Experience for Pearl Harbor

Museum launches ‘Real-time’ Twitter Experience for Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor | Reliving The Past, In The Present 

A 'real-time' Twitter Experience  


In 1941, on the most infamous day in the modern era, news of a shocking event that altered the course of human history took the span of several hours (even days) to spread through the civilized world. 


But,.. what if our present 24-hour news technology had existed then? What if people (military personnel and civilians) could use the power of social media to record and report the humanity, horrors, and heroes of Pearl Harbor as suddenly as they happened?   


December 7, 2016, marks the 75th anniversary of the surprise attack upon the United States by Imperial Japan. To commemorate, The National Museum of the Pacific War teams with Project C to create and curate a ‘real-time’ Twitter experience. It's built exclusively with rare and authentic artifacts, photographs, and eyewitness testimonials hand-picked from the museum’s on-site archives for this interactive experience. 


The occurrences of that fateful Sunday morning are respectfully recounted in meticulous detail and with historical, chronological accuracy.  Feel this content-rich narrative takes on a unique shape by posts from varied points-of-view - composed by both Japanese and American participants, plus by local Hawaiian residents and tourists. 


Simultaneously, an abridged version of this social activation runs on the National Museum’s official Facebook’s page . 


By leveraging Twitter Moments, users can possibly take a 'deeper dive' into specific content and explore true tales such as the sinking and capture of a mini-sub and its pilot of the coast of Honolulu. Best of all, audiences can visit the museum and see this actual submarine (and much, much more) in person.  


Follow the museum on Twitter by searching @nimitzmuseum.  And, Like us on Facebook @nationalmuseumofthepacificwar. 


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