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Five Stars, Five Decades: 50th Anniversary Exhibit

Five Stars, Five Decades: 50th Anniversary Exhibit

This exhibit will be traveling to different locations within Texas throughout 2017. Please check below for dates and show locations. This list will be updated as locations are added. This exhibit is free to the public

Locations and Dates


Admiral Nimitz Museum Ballroom

February 25th - March 20th


​Texas State Capitol Rotunda

April 25th - April 30th 


Admiral Nimitz Museum Ballroom

July 1st - July 31st


​Gillespie County Fair Grounds

August 24th - August 27th


Austin-Bergtrom International Airport (Available to Ticketed Passengers Only)

September11 - December 31st







After more than a century of operating, the Nimitz Hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas, closed its doors in 1963. Henry Schmidt, the hotel’s owner and operator had already installed a small exhibit honoring Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, but wanted to dedicate the entire building as a museum in his honor. In October, 1963 a group of 25 local area men met to discuss preserving the old Nimitz Hotel as an historic structure.





They changed the name of the organization to the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Museum, Inc. Admiral Nimitz allowed his name to be used provided the focus of the museum remained on the men and women who served under his command during World War II. By September, 1964, the board raised enough money to purchase the Nimitz Hotel for $75,000.


Left to right: Texas Attorney General John B. Shepherd, Henry Schmidt, Arthur Stehling, Henry Joseph and J.D. Stein gathered around a scale model of the Nimitz Hotel in 1964. The Nimitz Historical Shrine, Inc. wished to restore the building to its late 19th century appearance.


After corresponding with Admiral Nimitz and securing his blessing on the endeavor, the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Memorial Naval Museum opened in the old Nimitz Hotel on 24 February 1967, what would have been the admiral’s 82nd birthday.









Over the next 50 years the museum would grow into a world-class museum covering six acres and 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, covering the story of WWII in the Pacific Theater. 

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