Sons and Daughters



A genealogical society for descendants, relatives and friends of World War II veterans. Join for family, friends and esprit de corps.

Policy Letter


To allow individuals to prove family ancestry and lineage from an American Veteran of World War II (armed service veteran awarded the World War II Victory Medal, in any theater of operation)

To perpetuate the story of the sacrifices and achievements of the generation of Americans that fought and won World War II

To create a public database of military records from individual World War II Veterans accessible to future historians, authors and students researching the legacy of WWII.


Basic Membership Categories:

Lineal: Individuals demonstrating lineal descent through birth or adoption, any and all generations


Collateral: Individuals demonstrating collateral family relationship, any and all generations


Memorial: Individuals presenting a WWII Veteran for inclusion in the records as a friend, with no claim of family relationship


Basic Membership Fee:

A one-time certification fee of $125.00 is asked for the first or Primary applicant.

Individuals related to a Primary Applicant (defined as and limited to: brothers, sisters, and lineal descendants such as children, grandchildren, etc.) and submitted on the Primary Applicant's original application are a reduced Supplemental Membership certification fee of $25.00 each. In the case of both parents being WWII veterans, only one certification fee is required for the lineal member applicant presenting them both.


Charter Membership:

Additionally awarded to any basic member who further supports the society by a gift of at least $100 to the Charter Fund. Available only during our Founding Decade, 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2020.


Membership Benefits:

All qualifying members receive a numbered and dated certificate bearing their name, their membership designation, membership number and the name of their World War II Veteran. The member’s name, and the name, photo and service information of their WWII Veteran, will be listed in the website’s searchable database.



The Sons & Daughters of World War II Veterans is a program of the Admiral Nimitz Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization and will be overseen by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, their by-laws and accounting policies. A President General and Registrar General will be ceremonially responsible for the issuance of membership certificates. Charter Fund monies will be restricted to the fulfillment of the society’s Purposes as listed above. 

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