Fleet Admiral Nimitz Legacy Society


Clascola Trust

Carl Duncan

Claudia & Truman Gill

Melinda Godfrey

George Grimm

Ray Harrison

Marge & Mac McDougal

Monahans American Legion Post 473 Scholarship Trust

Lawrence Nothdurft

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phelps

Joseph Scuro

Carol Ann Shepherd

Donald Sumner

Thomas  A. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Conway Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Woellhof

Don Yockey

Michael P. Rowan

Bob Grinslade

Dorothy L. and Fred Lucas

LTCol and Mrs. Richard G. Biel, Jr., USMC (Ret)

Steve L Highlander

Jackie Hollis Henderson

Stanley Murphy

Liz and Alfred Montalvo

John R. Peppler

Cheri Carter Rothermel

Experience the human story of WWII in the Pacific Theater told through 55,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, over 900 artifacts, and audio/visual displays.

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