Admiral Nimitz Foundation Sponsors Students Trip to  National History Day, Nationals Competition

Admiral Nimitz Foundation Sponsors Students Trip to National History Day, Nationals Competition

Friday, June 2, 2017

On June 11th four Boerne Middle School North Students will travel to University of Maryland, College Park for the National History Day, National Contest. The students will perform their short living history on the Army Nurses captured by the Japanese during WWII. To help with expenses the Admiral Nimitz Foundation presented them teacher with a check for $2,500.00.



The students recently brought their award winning performance on the “Angels of Bataan” to the National Museum of the Pacific War. Their ten minute performance tells the story of the Army and Navy nurses that were captured by the Japanese when the Philippines fell and held captive for 3 years. The students chose the nurses as their topic because they felt it connected to this year’s theme for the National History connect “Taking a stand in History”. They began working on this project in October of 2016 and have learned a great deal about the heroic stand these woman took while being held as POW’s.


Pictured left to right:

Bryan Degner Anna Wyle, Caroline Holmes, Deven Agarwal, Tanner McCarter and their teacher Trey








“It’s an experience of a life time for these students to compete against the nation’s best in this history competition. It means a lot to me because they have chosen a topic that not many people know about. All of the nurses involved in this part of history are no longer with us, so it is great to see young Americans sharing their stories. These students embody our mission to “Inspire our youth, by honoring our heroes”, and for that we wanted to help them share this story.” – Bryan Degner, Director of Education at the National Museum of the Pacific War

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