70th Anniversary of the Japanese Surrender

70th Anniversary of the Japanese Surrender

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On September 2, 1945 aboard the USS Missouri, allied and Japanese forces came together to sign the document of surrender. World War II lasted for nearly four years and cost thousands of lives on both sides.

The signing of the surrender was a powerful event which began the road to healing and rebuilding.












In our Victory Gallery you can see a video presentation that covers both the celebration of the end of the war and the cost of life. We also have a hand made model of the USS Missouri showing the signing of the surrender.


What you will not see in our gallery or any other exhibit is a five page document laying out in detail  the ceremony of the surrender. We have pulled that document from our archives and you can see it by clicking below. It was donated to us by Hal Lamar who was Nimitz’s personal aide and Flag Lieutenant during WWII. In the document you can read the timeline, who was in attendance, bad weather plans, and see a layout of the set up.


Surrender Ceremony Planning Document

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