Baylor, Accounting, and Admiration for Admiral Turner

Life would have turned out much differently for Lt Commander Jack Whetsel had he liked accounting.
Whetsel took a job as an understudy to an accountant at a Waco steel plant shortly after graduating from Baylor University in 1941. “I was there for two weeks and knew I never wanted to be an accountant. I walked in one day and said, ‘I’m sorry. I’m taking your time and money and I don’t want to be an accountant. Before I get any deeper into this I’m leaving.’ They said, ‘Well if you stay here, we will get you an exemption from the armed services.’ I said,  ‘I don’t want to be exempt. As soon as I leave here I’m going down and volunteer with the Navy.’”

The Battle of Edson’s Ridge

The fact that many who fought on Guadalcanal September 12 – 14, 1942 referred to this period as the Battle of Bloody Ridge serves as a testament to the severity of the fighting and loss of life on the island. This second of three major Japanese ground offensives during the Guadalcanal Campaign saw the Imperial Japanese Army try to reclaim the Lunga perimeter which was lost to Allied forces on August 7.

Morse Code, Fried Chicken, And New Guinea

There was fried chicken. I was sitting down and trying to eat that quarter chicken and cutting with my knife and the fork. This big guy that was a buddy of mine said, ‘What are you doing, Treto?’ I said, ‘Well, I’m trying to eat chicken, man, what do you think I’m doing?’ He said, ‘That ain’t no way to eat chicken.’ He picked up his quarter chicken and started biting it, you know. I said, ‘Okay.’”

The Battle of Savo Island

Known as the First Battle of the Solomon Sea and the Battle of the Five Sitting Ducks, the Battle of Savo Island is considered by most historians to be one of the US Navy’s worst defeats.

The Secret Tragedies Of The USS Indianapolis

The tragedy of the USS Indianapolis remains the worst maritime disaster in U.S. naval history,

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