Who Was In The Room Where It Happened: Unmasking the WWII Radio Messenger of “The World Wonders”

“You are a superhero of the archives. Did you wear a cape and a mask when you did this?” That was the message of astonishment that I received from Richard Frank after providing the historian with my findings.

The Last of Doolittle’s Raiders

“All the time that I was a kid…I built model airplanes. I wanted to fly,” Cole explained in an interview with the National Museum of the Pacific War on August 8, 2001.

Tiny Nimitz

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was a larger than life hero.
Except in the National Museum of the Pacific War gift shop.
There, he’s under three inches tall.

Uncle Sam Got Me

“Uncle Sam got me” is how Alan Pilot explained his entrance into World War II during his August 10, 2010 Oral History interview with the National Museum of the Pacific War.

Born on the Fourth of July

Harold Tatsch was born on July 4, 1927 on Pecan Creek in Gillespie County, Texas. His family moved into Fredericksburg in 1936. Tatsch got a job as a bellhop at the Nimitz Hotel in the summer of 1944 and enlisted in the Navy the following November. When asked during his Oral History interview at the National Museum of the Pacific War on October 28, 2005 why he chose the Navy and why he enlisted at just 17 years of age, Tatsch chuckled, “On account of my brother, I guess.”

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